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26 March 2010


It worked.
I will convert.

I'm not a huge mayo eater but when I do crave it on a sandwich, I want Hellman's - it's the flavor of my youth. But being an active home chef, for sit down meals I tend to make my own. This truth in labeling has me up in flames. I will probably still put Hellman's on my lunch sandwich, just as a few time a year I knowingly crawl in a bowl of comfort of Kraft Mac & Cheese because it's comfort I'm after and it's not a daily vicious habit. I will join any fight to make labels read true. I'm very sensitive to MSG in any quantity, but that's just one name we all know - it glutamic acid that is the culprit to those that suffer symptoms, of which MSG is the most commonly known. Swanson's happily labels one broth in their Natural Goodness line: NO MSG and yet when you flip the can over to the ingredients, right there in the chicken broth is autolyzed yeast extract - a glutamic acid! (Call it a Kleenex, Puffs, or a tissue - the result is the same.) The food safety industry knows these things but does little (read nothing) to fine & correct these blatant lies. Instead the food industry over polices the little people locally starting up organic or in-transition to organic operations, who don't have law offices in multiple cities & countries to protect them.
Truth in labeling should be just that: The Truth. Large corporations should be held to equal if not a higher standard.
Lead me to the movement and I'm all over this. I'm so tired of finding out that the products I am buying aren't what they say they are, especially when the ingredients on the web site are different from the can. Or the front of the product says the opposite of the back.
I don't eat perfectly all the time, but when I'm cheating, I want to know exactly what I am putting in my mouth.

Thank you for this post! It infuriates me when companies blatantly lie about the REAL-ness or the HEALTHfulness of their products. Even worse, when Chefs (who the public looks to as a trusted source) jump on the bandwagon and advertise for them. Ack! Another reminder to read for yourself and to do your own research since our government cares too little to enforce a little more truth in advertising.

Wow. Really amazing. Thank you for this. We eat mostly organic but some things I don't think to check. I just checked our "Smart Balance" mayo and it has a huge list of ingredients, 1/2 of which I have no clue what they are. We're switching. Obviously NOT to Hellman's. Thank you so much for this.

...as I was saying on Tana's fb post, I would not buy the Hellman's simply because of the first ingredient which is soy oil. Soy is not the health food it is touted as being, but rather a cheap filler used in as many manufactured products as possible. Some of the adverse health effects from consuming anything soy (other than small amounts in it's fermented state as misu, tempeh, or natto) are inhibited thyroid function, endocrine disruption, allergies, and it's inability to be digested. And, let us not forget that 85% of the soy grown in the U.S. is GMO and owned by Monsanto. The overuse of soy in our food supply is another form of marketing deception that we, the consumer, need to wake up to.
I would highly recommend Wilderness Family Naturals as a company committed to using the best ingredients. Spectrum, which is owned by Heinz, is not so committed and uses soy and canola oils wherever it can. Thank you Tana for your research and exposing these frauds and for allowing me my 2 cents.
Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, Sally Fallon with Mary Enig, Ph.D pg. 137 for homemade mayonnaise recipe.
The Whole Soy Story, Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D.
Soy Alert, westonaprice.org
The Great Con-ola, Enig and Fallon

I love TJ's Organic mayo! Mix it with a little tamari or lemon and salt and dip the heck out of my artichokes! :D Thanks for the awesome and informative post.

You have not lived until you have made deviled eggs with your own homemade mayo, using really good eggs all around, of course. They have a tangy flavor, and a bright appearance. They will wow all but the committed deviled eggs abstainers at any party you bring them to. Don't let the food safety zealots talk you out of making your own mayo!

Why not make your own? It takes two minutes and tastes so much better than the jarred stuff.

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