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08 October 2009


Preach it! "An expert machine." HA! Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day!

I just got done reading "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan. Your website is a great follow up! I taotally back your "Rant" 100% Keep up the good work!

Yes, it's amazing how with just the mention of "whole grains" on a package we're expected to forget that not only are grains not exactly the most nutritious thing to eat, but all of the other HFCS like stuff in the packaged foodstuff is supposed to be negated somehow because, well, you know, it's got Whole Grains! The mythology of a high fiber diet is not what you think it is, it's based on sexual repression!

I am a teacher of business and the first thing I make my students do is watch "The Corporation"

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