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15 July 2009


I love this post with a great, big, fat, weepy love.

like your thoughts...I am similar in my shopping style, although I wimp out and have my local, organic veggies delivered, Two Small Farms from Watsonville and Hollister. I would like to spend more time at Farmer's markets, but time is a valuable commodity.

Thank you for your thoughts on WF, definitely something to consider...

#1 is so true it's ridiculously funny (and/or sad)! In fact, I always schedule my vacation arrival/departure time in Santa Cruz to coincide with the Wednesday Farmer's Market...it's that spectacular.

We are lucky to have one the the most (if not THE most) prolific localized food systems in the country, and agreed that buying direct is a much better option than whole foods. I am perhaps a bit softer on the issue of the existence of whole foods and other chains like it. I think of all the farmers and food producers that have made money selling to them. I think of how many more ways whole foods is "green"as a company when compared to safeway, for example. Have they co-opted the boom in the organic foods industry or have they helped create it, thus providing greater viability to producers? just throwin it out there. But the following is a bonafide rant. NO WAY DOES K WINE BELONg ON THE LIST INSTEAD OF VINO CRUZ!!!!!

As one of the very few ranch/farms in the Vail area, I'm amazed at how crazy folks think we are. But invitations to our table are cherished and we never have enough eggs to sell!

Tana, one day I hope you come visit because we need a good rant that can only be done the right way, by you.

Out of complete respect for Fran Grayson, I have edited the wine sources to include Vino Cruz and Soif Wine Bar & Store. I kept K Wines on there because I've been shopping there for 15+ years, and have found great wines (usually on sale).

I have not yet shopped at Vino Cruz, but am guessing they're pricier because of their location and rent. They don't list prices on their website.

Long time since I've commented here Tana, but I must today to both your rant and your rave. Everett Family Farm is completely charming and when I can't grow salad mix at my hot Central Valley farm, theirs is a treat.
During our week long SC vacation I always shop the farmers markets for produce, and Staff of Life for other real food. Not to mention Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing for their wonderful organic beers - and Gabriella Cafe for a locally grown meal prepared by someone else.

If demand for Whole Foods Market still exists in Santa Cruz County then there is obviously a need for what you do - educating people about the incredible bounty that small farmers in the area provide.

Keep doing what you do and we farmers will do the same.

I like your rant, Tana (you're awesome) and I love your Leon.

Dirty Mom

You pointed me to this from a Ruhlman comment on Facebook, although I've only skimmed the latest post I will go back and read it.

This is another link for your small farm collection: http://www.hendricksfarmsanddairy.com/

Bobolink is only a few miles from my home and my wife and I have both been to his bread/cheesemaking class. Very interesting and the lunch was great.

2 WFs is excessive and, agreed, unnecessary given the quality of choices already available.

"Boulevard" also annoys the heck out of me. Get it right people.

I didn't know TJ's was owned by German brazillionaires. Thanks for the 411.

Just agreeing here. There is nothing one can get at WFs that they can not get elsewhere.

It'll be interesting to see how well Whole Foods does in Santa Cruz, given all that you've noted. And yes, hard to beat the glorious farmers' markets you have there. I dream of those dry-farmed tomatoes that are like candy.

Hi Tana..nice rant...pretty much my point of view, even though we aren't quite so rich in resources here in Maine. Before Whole Foods came to Portland we had two long established "natural food" supermarkets. Whole Foods bought and closed one of them and then set up next door to the other one and crushed them into bankruptcy. Fortunately for us, since they came our twice weekly farmers' market has exploded with diversity and product quantity (and into the winter, too) so I go to Whole Paycheck only to get a special treat for my cat (a friend brought it for him and every once in a while he whines until I go to WF and get him another bag).

Hope you are doing well...my blog is coming back soon, all spiffed up with a new design and new features.

best, Stephen

My sister and I have just started with our farm blog. You got lots of ideas going here so expect me to come visiting regularly for some inspiration.

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I like this post : it makes me think that every farmer in the world suffers from the same lack of popular consideration...

Lovely Blog!

I wish I was in a sunny-er location: (

Keep up the great blog.

I just left Cynthia's and shopped at New Leaf in Felton, and LOVED it. I wanted to give everyone a big hug.

Very informative post! Unfortunately I am guilty of frequenting Whole Paycheck...being glued to my desk precludes me from being more resourceful with my shopping.

Obviously in our information age, we still perish due to the lack of useful information. Good rant

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