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10 February 2009


I'm so glad Logan is okay! I think of you often - and Tana the sheep (who retired from breeding, at least for this year) is doing just fine. : ) Huge hugs to you all. xoxo

Hi Tana...
You are so wonderful for being there for Logan...good luck to both of you surviving the next month and thank god he survived with so little damage...
xoxo love S
ps I am relaunching Stephencooks this spring with an exciting new focus...stay tuned!

I'm so glad to hear he's mending well. He's a lucky boy to have such a loving and clever Nana to keep him company.

Logan has such a strong, indomitable spirit. I am so happy he is back at school, surrounded by friends, and that he has caregivers that give everything of themselves as you and Bob do. I pray for a speedy recovery of Logan and his mom, for their bodies and their spirits.

Tana, so good to hear that your grandson is recovering!
And thank you so much for popping by on my blog back in February and congratulating us on birth of our baby girl.
PS She's doing well, is weighing a healthy 6 kg now and we've named her Nora Adeele.

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