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30 September 2008


I am so glad to read that a reader of your blog made that donation. Thank you for inspiring so many...

Speaking of making a different...

The National Wildlife Federation recently finished a send-a-letter-to-the-EPA widget and Facebook application that sends an official message to the Environmental Protection Agency urging them to recognize the impact greenhouse gases are having on our planet. We're trying to drum-up up some support for their cause. If you're so inclined, we'd appreciate a link to either application or simply spread the word! Thanks so much!

Widget: http://www.clearspring.com/widgets/48dd4c8e92491714

Facebook Application: http://apps.new.facebook.com/speakupforwildlife/

Thank you for sharing your pumpkin patch. It is a wonderful way to welcome in Fall.
I am enjoying the last days of summer color as Autumn arrives in zone 5.

Happy October - a True FAN of your Napa Blog!

I read your blog, and I think you make many differences to many. I have found so many good links and educational info on farming and food system. I'm hoping like you Nov. 4th will be a beginning.A good cry is always good, followed by good food and love. And wine.

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