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17 June 2008


I'm a big fan of farm blogs, have been frustrated at the time it takes me to find the good ones, and then remember them, so www.farmblogs.blogspot.com has been born.

Daniel Paduano suggested I contact you.

The idea is very simple - it's a combination of news from world agriculture plus the recommendations of farm bloggers on the farm blogs they like to read.

The idea is that for each farm blogger who is recommended, that they then write to me at info AT ianwalthew.com and give me their top farm blog recommendations. And so it goes....

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,



We have word just in about the Assembly Health Committee vote in California--unanimous for SB 201, the Fresh Raw Milk Act of 2008!

Thank you all for making those emails and phone calls. The assembly members report that they were inundated.

Californians get to keep wearing their raw milk mustaches!!

An Envious Oregonian

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