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30 June 2008


Thank you for the link and introduction to Rebecca and her new blog. It looks wonderful (format and content.)
I want to learn more and expand my expectations and skills... you provide great inspiration and resources.
Incidentally, I did link to you... thank you for replying to my inquiry:

Great site, you two! And so glad there will be someone posting about raising animals for food. It's an area not many dare tread, but with all the stories about the hormones and antibiotics, let alone the horrible conditions factory farms raise their animals for slaughter, I know many people are looking to change.

Humvee owners shouldn't be dumpster-diving, anyway. That's a trick for those of us that really need it!

My brother was a habitual dumpster-diver at Beckman's. (Or shouldn't I say the name of the bakery?) Apparently the staff knows that folks are getting food from their trash, and place all the edible loaves to one side. And I'm starting to know which farms have good dollar-bin specials at the market - all end-of-market and seconds-boxes are definitely not created equal!

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