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23 June 2008


Neat mystery! I would have guessed birds to be responsible, except for the depth. Scrub Jays will bury peanuts in the shell up to an inch or two.

At the depth you describe, above ground animals might spend more energy burying and recovering the peanut than the energy provided in the nut, and at that depth, how does the animal expect to find it again? A real head scratcher.

Thanks a lot, Tana: now I'm going to have that song running through my head ALL NIGHT LONG!


I'm afraid I'm no help in solving your peanut mystery, but I sure hope someone is... this has all the makings of a good scientific Whodunit.

Hmm, the obvious (squirrels and such) you've omitted. Do raccoons bury their food? Oposum maybe? Dog, very doubtful. There, those are my guesses. This indeed is a mystery. FYI, I haven't found any buried peanuts here (97007). Yet!

I still say squirrel. At a previous residence, I found peanuts all over the backyard buried six inches or so deep. Then they started to appear buried deep in my potted plants. Now, I'd planted those pots so I knew what was in the soil from the beginning. Turns out neighbors two backyards down had an evening smorgasbord every night by tossing out peanuts for the "wildlife." The squirrels planted them all over the neighborhood.

You say you haven't seen squirrels, but what if they used to be around in great numbers, but some mysterious circumstance caused them to disappear: like they buried their peanuts too deep to find again so they died of starvation?

There's the mystery! :)

This might be a reach, but it looks like your friend is not that far away. (11.2 Miles according to google maps: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=95073+to+95003&sll=37.026687,-121.93972&sspn=0.121012,0.259552&ie=UTF8&ll=36.997891,-121.92215&spn=0.121058,0.259552&t=h&z=13 ) My guess is that the contractor that built the house, or plumber, or landscaper, or maybe even a city/county inspector visited both properties around the time of construction. -That person really liked peanuts and carried them around to eat all of the time. Final grating of the land covered up a few stray peanuts on that he/she had dropped on the ground. –That’s the best I could come up with. Not sure why they didn’t decay though. Probably has something to do with your local soil and climate.

Alex Tiller

I found a peanut in my yard about a month ago as well...

A modern day Nancy Drew mystery indeed. If you ever solve the mystery I want to know the answer.

OMG! I found a peanut in my yard too, in the casing 2 ft under. Except my story differs from yours. The turf was turned and obviously dug square with a spade or shovel as the top grass turf was buried in the hole as well. If I hadn't cut the lawn one more time this year I probably never would have discovered this. It was buried about 10 ft away from my house. I am wondering is someone trying to hex me or do voo-doo? THe curse of the peanut! My dog was barking insanely a few nights ago and this turned soil was kinda freshly turned? Hence my search for anyone finding a hard shelled peanut in their lawn. Any answers or where i can research this please help. Should I pour salt in the ground to undo the hex? I'll take my peanut with salt to go!

I'm in New York City and I have a garden on the roof. It's a potted garden, and nearly everyday I find peanuts in the soil. I was starting to think I was going crazy, so glad I found this post. My roof is on the fourth floor. My only explanation is birds, but I just don't believe it.

I think I may be able to shed some light on this. When soil is compacted by the elements (chiefly rain) the major components--peanut butter and carbon fiber--are compacted, forming small people who come to life. When they die a few seconds later they are naturally mummified by the surrounding peanut butter soil into peanuts in the shell. Therefore, there is a ghost in the shell. Responding to melinda, animals are very tuned in to psychic and supernatural waves and will bark or behave erratically when sensing them.

And no, I am not for real.

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