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02 May 2008


happy birthday, dear Tana. :)

What a great way to spend your birthday! It sounds like you are a fellow Taurus, mine is May 14 and I am coming up to Santa Cruz to celebrate and to visit my old alma mater, UCSC and am hoping to visit the farm.

I just wanted to say that this LA Farm Girl loves your blog, I have been lurker forever but finally felt I should post!

Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday.

Tana, you rock! Great to meet you finally. And over favas, no less. The honey is still going strong...drop in any time.

May your birthday be the start of a wonderful year for you and yours.

I'm glad you're back at your blog, I missed your writing. Happy Birthday.

Hi Tana,

I'm an apprentice at CASFS and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful food -- especially the fava beans!

Also, happy belated birthday! I celebrated my 40th birthday at the farm a few weeks ago and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful location or group of people to share it with.

I hope to eventually meet you in person! Until then, I've been keeping a blog about the apprenticeship: http://farmersandy.wordpress.com/

Again, thank you!

I know your birthday is long since gone, but I just discovered your blog. I'll check back frequently, especially as I'm just down the road (in San Jose).

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