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07 November 2007


Hi Tana,

Thank you for this very important update on raw milk. When Claravale Dairy was in Watsonville, my family and I would make the weekly visit down to get our supply of milk and cream. We got to know Colette and Ron and the milkers, and it was one of those happy connections that made living in Santa Cruz such a blessing. Since their move, we have been drinking less milk, and as a result, our quality of life has declined-- we can honestly and truly say that! We like to say that Claravale Raw Milk was our health insurance.

Best regards,
J.Y. Lym

Thank you for posting this Tana. Our real food supply is slowly disappearing before our very eyes.
We must pool together and reclaim our right to whole foods, raw milk being one of the many.
Claravale and Organic Pastures need our support and they need it now! Get to it folks....

Hey Tana,

Great letter and great post...I a science guy so I especially enjoyed reading it.

In the email I wrote to "The Governator", I included a link to your blog...I think if we give them links directly to the websites that opening the dialogue, we can make it even more clear that people care and are opposed to such legislation.

Evan Jerkunica

Thanks for following the raw milk bill, and for a great website. I love Claravale's milk, and am very upset that they are having such a hard time staying in business.

Thank you Tana! Even though I'm an ocean away, I love to keep up to date with the important stuff back home. It's so easy to find raw milk here in France and I dont understand why it's such an issue back home. Boo hoo.

With all due respect, there are too many green elitists out there and especially on this blog.

Wake up and smell the (in your cases, organic)coffee.

Average Americans (esp. the poor) can't afford to support the type of ideal yet impractical food practices that most of you discuss and promote.

But don't take my word for it... check out this new story on Yahoo News, "Many Americans Can't Afford to Eat Right:"


I assume you'd rather see poor families starve than have access to the non-ideally produced "basics?"

Fight to SAVE RAW MILK!!!

Please email/call me about getting together in SF or Marin--a few of us are getting together for email/letter writing and phone calling parties--
There is power in numbers!!
We can do anything!!
Contact me PLEASE!!

Kris Brewer

Hi there,

I am letting everyone know that Claravale Farm now has a new website. Go to claravaledairy.com

Diana Hay
Claravale Farm webmaster

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