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09 October 2007


They seriously began the farm in 1967?? That is so cool...

Go UCSC farm supporters!

I am curious, can you participate in the farm apprentice even if you are not a student?


PS. (refer to previous comment)
The typhoon really increased the produce prices in Taiwan...by 50% or more!!

No, you do not have to be a UCSC student to become an apprentice. Here is a link to the application: http://casfs.ucsc.edu/training/application.html
It's a 6-month long, amazing program, and costs about $4000. If you want to learn more about it, click around on that website a bit.

Great Work....It is nice to see individuals supporting the UCSC farm. I sell home in La Jolla and when I read this article and saw the quote,"Greeeeeeen Acres". I thought to myself, isn't this a great place to live? Right in the middle of a gorgeous coastal community and multi-million dollar homes, exists a little place called Greeeeeeen Acres Farm - UCSD. Keep up the good work!

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