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29 August 2007


We just moved to Cambridge, MA from Santa Cruz 3 months ago. Don't get me started on how much we miss our home town! But when I got here, I quickly found Edible Boston, and wondered, why isn't there an Edible Santa Cruz? Or even, Edible Monterey Bay? There is SO MUCH we could cover about farms, foods, people, etc.

We are hoping to be back there next summer. SO, if you know anyone who could start a magazine, let them know I would love to join the team!

Thanks for a great blog that always brings me home.

I can assure you that Cheryl Koehler, the editor of the other Bay Area Edible, does not blog for the magazine. She's thought about it, but we haven't done it yet.

I think the Edible Communities magazine is wonderful and a great way for people to learn about food in their local community! Learning how and who is producing food locally/sustainably/seasonally will possibly strengthen peoples resolve to 'go local' for multiple reasons.
Thanks for sharing Tracey's and Carole's story. Hats off for their continued success.

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