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09 July 2007


fucking brilliant.

Great job ferreting out these weasels.

The NCBA has nothing to do with the 70% of American Beef Producers who do 90% of the work but get 20% of the credit and profit. They are out for themselves and the Corporate Factory Feedlot Beef Mentality.

The majority of beef producers in America have only 30-50 head of cattle, many quite a few less. While not Organic or primarily sustainable they are at least not Factory Farms. Check out R-Calf for more information on independent Beef Producers. More Farmers and Ranchers and Consumers need to join R-Calf to stop the NCBA from manipulating the media like it does. Also the NCBA is behind National Animal ID big time. They want to drive every small, independent farmer and rancher out of business by what amounts to a tax and license to farm. NAIS is just plain evil and stupid. The greedy pigs who thought of it should be hung out to dry.

Sure we need 100% American Beef on American Plates! We don't need imported beef to feed our country, which is why we need Country of Origin Labeling. With COOL, consumers would know they weren't buying American foods. Better yet, everyone should just buy locally from farmers they can know and trust, where the money is kept in the community and the farmers' own pockets. You can't get much more COOL than that! And No NAIS required.

Let em have it, Tana! I'm a copywriter in a marketing department for a big toy company, and let me tell you, those marketers speak not one word of truth. Not one word. It's all spin, spin, spin...thus I seek a new job.

What amazes me is how many people get these emails and offers and just gleefully post them to their blogs, taking it all at face value. We need to THINK!

You're so cute when you're mad. ;)

But seriously, this is the stuff you do best.

That was a great "right-on, sister" post, up until "That's how to use apostrophes!" Then all my righteous indignation dissolved in giggles! :)

You go girl!!


Very good comments!!!

Brilliant tirade. I'm getting more and more messages from ad firms as well trying to use the blog to shill some product or other. Keep the scope clear and continue to pick them off as they come.

We've got enough BS coming out of Washington -- these blogs need to stay pure to their intent or there won't be anywhere to go to get the real deal.

poor cows, if their anything like me they would have been seasick, but i guess 30 puking cows would have made for for a pretty good viral ad against fast food, not for it :)


What Mora said.

I received a message from Rebecca and wrote back a similar request as well, asking her to confirm that they support family farms with pasture raised animals. Thanks for taking the time to educate all of us on what they're really up to.


I've been browsing your website tonight. Thanks for promoting farming.

I grew up on a farm in Missouri in the 70's. We raised beef cattle, corn, wheat, and had a market hog operation.

I noticed that one of your articles provides a link to pictures of pigs in confinment buildings. I am not sure whether you've ever worked on a hog farm or not, but I have.

My dad started out "free ranging" our hogs in a wooded area. After a few years, he moved everything to a confinement system. In my experience, we lost more hogs to predators and bad weather in the free range methodology than in the confinment operation. For farrowing, the metal crates actually help protect the piglets from being mashed by their mothers. We used to use 8 x 8 farrowing sheds for awhile and experienced a lot of dead piglets from the mothers rolling over and mashing their pigs. From my experience, farrowing crates are a good thing.

I suspect you'll disagree, but I've seen both sides and while both methods have pro's and con's, in my experience fewer piglets are lost to farrowing than to free range and the "open" farrowing sheds.

I don't know why you get all worked up about Michael Scanlon both here and on Yelp. If you listen to the audio he says that he lives in Monterey and at no time does he say that Shadowbrook is in Monterey, as if such a mistake would even matter that much.

The BestFoodNations website claims that Shadowbrook is in Monterey. I think it's deliberate, to imply more a tonier element than actually exists.

One man's "getting worked up" is another woman's righteous indignation and disgust at someone at an allegedly reputable restaurant fomenting ties with the utterly corrupt allies of BestFoodNation, who condone animals standing in, and breathing the fumes, of their own shit all day. And night. And confining animals in the proximity of other dead and diseased animals.

Since a lot of people care about humanely treated animals, not to mention the desire not to consume toxic and stinking meat, I have an audience of like-minded supporters...and some people who remain in the dark and think Shadowbrook is doing a good business because of the "quality" of their food.

I'm a whistleblower, and I don't intend to stop.

Enjoy your meal at Shadowbrook!

I don't get it. Where does it claim that Shadowbrook is in Monterey. All I see is a graphic that says:
Michael Scanlon (Name)
Shadowbrook Restaurant (Employer)
Monterey, California (Person's Hometown as he states in his audio clip)

The same as
Janet Riley (Name)
American Meat Institute (Employer)
Silver Springs (sic), Maryland (Person's Hometown as she states in her audio clip)

As you might know the AMI is in Washington, DC. Are they lying about that as well since Silver Spring is "tonier" than DC? Or have they just been consistently listing the person's hometown and not location of employment and you misread such and made a big fuss over nothing.


Your attitude to a simple observation has lost you one former reader. I'm sorry that you can't communicate with anybody, even someone who generally agrees with your overall goals if not attitude, who should dare question your accuracy.

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