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07 July 2007


she certainly is beautiful, and so are your pictures. George, former sheep shearer now preaching in Alaska. I miss the sheep- and the women farmers who raised them!

Beautiful!!!!! Both colors, her face, and spirit comes through.
Your calender looks wonderful -

Thanks for your support of women farmers!

I lived and worked in NY in the same county as Stone Barns before coming to New Mexico and know at least two of the women who are speaking there. In fact, one of them helped me get my first farm job right in that area when I was just peddling my "I don't have any experience but I work damn hard and I'm willing to get dirty" spiel up and down the Hudson Valley, and the rest is history!

Hey, Tana...It's fixed! :) I can see all the text without having to do anything special. Don't know if you made any changes - just thought I'd send an update. I love your blog - thanks for what you do.


she is lovely. I also love your strawberry photo below.


That is a lovely photo...it's very candid.

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