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19 June 2007


why did you make that "edit" about this cafe in Sand City??

most of the eye candy here involves sexy fruits and vegetables...as well as the occasional TLC pig and/or chicken. not complaining but thanks for linking to the picture of Guillermo! i'd have never seen it otherwise.

Marianne: I posted the warning about Ol' Factory Cafe because I do not think Morgan Christopher does business in a sustainable fashion. (Google this blog for "wanker," as suggested before.) He was a complete jerk and then some, both to me and to the talented chef he lost, Justin Severino. Having a vision isn't enough if you aren't a nice person.

How's that for exercising my First Amendment rights? (Plus I've got the bullshit e-mail he sent, insulting Justin and then some.)

I hope people stay away from his business(es).

Who actually reads those magazine anyways? I just look at the pictures! Great pic of the coastline – makes me homesick. Think you might like my current video on sausage (hee, hee) Bises, Ms. Glaze

The Balsamic Onion Jam sounds fabulous...Please send me the recipe ...I do have three days to spare...

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