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19 May 2007


I got an almost-identical non-apology from Ms. Lesser. I find it hard to believe that they've only gotten "4 or 5" nasty-grams from members, as you and I are two that I know of, and I can't believe we're half of the entire group of opinionated ones out there.

Oh this really gets my goat! I can't believe it! THE NERVE of Petrini. And here I thought he was some kind of demi-god. C'est quoi ce bordel? I hope the local farmer's do get rich selling food at the Ferry building. There's no harm in making money and the food is fresher and picked just at its peak. I don't mind paying extra for that. If he thinks produce is so expensive in SF he should try living in Paris! Zoot alors!!!

Italian wine? Icon of the Slow food movement and he's serving Italian wine? Are you kidding me!?!?

Gros Bisous,
Ms. Glaze

I love it...

Let me read it when he sends it over...

How did I miss this post? Thanks, Tana, as always, for your insightful, informative, and inspiring writing. xx

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