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13 May 2007


Very interesting post. I'm a member of Slow Food and helping get it started in Memphis. I'll take your thoughts to heart and do my part to make sure what we create avoids some of the traps you mention.

interesting post. i love the concept of slow food and bought the bay area food guide. i've attended a couple of dinners but they weren't actual slow food productions but fundraisers for causes: read send jim and beck to italy and the aforementioned Slow Food Nation event spring 2008. i'm not much of a joiner now that i'm older [actually never was] and keep thinking i should join but don't. what i really want to do is attend those spectacular dinners and support the local producers and chefs. but as a consumer [which i think is the most important part of the buy local and organic movements] i have no desire to attend functions that are snobish and/or meant for "industry" types. however, tell me there is a dinner being held as a fundraiser or otherwise [think for profit] highlighting local produce and prepared by local chefs and i'm there. so how to do that without being a joiner?

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