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30 March 2007


Just curious what crops were in question? I thought that most GE crops were field crops but
I'm assuming from this article squash and cucurbits are coming into the GE spectrum? What specific crops were Happy Boy most worried about?

Not that I think there should be any GE crops around anyway...just curious what the blades of the sword looked like.

Oh, and vagueness among certification agencies? Ask any organic farmer that question and they'll laugh. Farmers generally have a much greater grasp on policy than the folks in the offices. Based on my experiences personally there is very little consistency among certifiers.

Chris, I was commenting on AB 541. I was not referring to a specific crop or even my farm. I was just giving my support to the legislation. He asked what my fears about GMOs are, and I honestly thought that GMO contamination will cost an organic farmer his certification. The USDA ordered a retraction because the article implied that GMO contamination would trigger decertification.

Keep up the struggle. You must win this battle for all of our sakes. The organisation that campaigns for and certifies organic farming in the UK is the Soil Association.

There's some useful stuff on their website campaigning against GM foods and protecting organic farmers.

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