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19 March 2007


I've been looking at Growing Goodness for a couple of weeks now - it really is a wonderful site! I noticed that you have a link to Dr. John Ikerd's papers on sustainability. I just heard him speak on Sunday night, and he talked with our county commisioners on Monday morning. What an inspiration he is!

You are right. It's the future. That's exactly why I'm blogging now - because in my professional career I will be doing just about everything (except actually cooking) over the web. This kind of technology is already driving amazing opportunities and the best is yet to come. A couple of years ago my dad visited a friend in a tiny village in County Clare in Ireland. That's about the most western place in the whole of Europe. Totally isolated. In the village is a cheese maker, who used to trade a little cheese to locals and visiting family. Now they sell over the web to consumers across Europe. It's going to be a great future for those who keep up with it.

How utterly, totally cool!! Thanks, Tana, for sharing this "delicious secret" with your readers!

Bless you . . .


Cool! What a great idea!

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful site.

so cool, so cool, so cool!!! Bises, Ms. Glaze

Thnaks for sharing all these delicious secrets with us. I havea a second residence/office in the region of Abruzzo, Italy and unfortunately the age old process of making pecorino cheese there is becoming almost extinct-partly becasue no one wants to take the time to raise the sheep that provide the milk for this delicacy. But there are now some consortiums-co-ops that are (thanks goodness)reviving this art and finding new ways of selling their wares through internet and more. Pecorino D'Abruzzo is a sweeter pecorino than some of the other varieties but is very difficult to find today.

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