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21 November 2006


Lovely post, Tana. Wishing you, Logan, and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I can't believe I'm the first comment. Tana, thank you for sharing Logan with us, as always. I hope you *do* raise a farmer.

Logan is one lucky boy. While other kids are playing with toy tractors, little plastic animals, and eating Happy Meals, he gets to sit on a real tractor, play with real animals AND eat real food. What could be better?

Thanks, ladies. (Anita, you were not first only because the comments have to wait to be approved. And I don't approve anything until I've had my morning tea.)

: D

I second Anita's thanks that you have shared Logan with us... he - and you - are both very special. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving.

Okay, come on. Stop bashing hip hop. I like Greg Brown AND hip hop and I'm not cheating. Oh, and my pants cover my undies too! Happy Thanksgiving, Tana!

*Hi Logan*

I can't type. There are too many tears in my eyes.

well I lost my post cause I forgot the last part of the e-mail. The short version is this. If only you could grasp what you are giving this little boy- a chance for a real life!! My grandparents did something similar. Do not become weary in well doing. If only I could express in words what the gift of your time and love will mean to him. What a wonderful, rich daily experience to share all you have to offer. My sisters and I often wonder what life would have been like growing up without chaos and all the baggage that goes along. Logan is SOOOO CUTE!! He looks just like my oldest son did at that age, in the photo with his overalls eating the strawberry. I could write a book, believe me. Keep this precious boy close to you. God give you the physical and mental strength to continue.

Tana, what you are doing with this boy is amazing and wonderful beyond words.

(I'm just catching up on your blog today.)


PS Cleveland DOES rock!

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