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13 November 2006


Gee, Tana, thanks for sharing that information about “American’s favorite vegetable.” Loved their website. I wanted to mail in for the “Healthy MR. POTATO HEAD promotional premium” but I couldn’t find any UPC codes on the potatoes in my vegetable bin at home. Do you think it would be ok if I send them the peel?

How much do you think they paid someone to come up with that Potato Power Dance and song? Scary. Does any real, i.e., self-respecting, kid you know actually go to one of these lame websites? Most kids I know (including my own) are deeply and rightly suspicious of any adult with good intentions who tries to push something healthy and educational on them.

It’s sad when a vegetable (or fruit a la the California raisins) needs a marketing campaign to remind people to eat it. What’s next, a Healthy Ms. Breast cartoon character targeted at one-month old babies? Oh right, you can’t make any money off breast milk—never mind. I do have a great idea for Hasbro’s next partnership campaign: My Little Pony encouraging Americans to eat more horse meat.

How can a person tell if the potatoes we had stored away are froozen or not? If eaten what are the symtoms?
Thanks and have a nice day.

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