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12 October 2006


Bright thoughts for your Mom today, Tana. What a lovely post – even if it's not about farms. : )

I must take issue with one thing, though: your indictment of Aquarian men. They are not all Vulcans. My Aquarian husband, for example, is one of the loviest, most sympathetic men you'll ever hope to meet. When I cry, he usually starts to cry with me.

Tana, I will keep your mother in my prayers, best of luck to her. Hope you are well also.

Thanks, GG and Jen.

I should modify my statement about Aquarius men, since none other than my adorable Logan is also one, but I think these exceptions prove the rule. GG, I bet your husband has his Moon or Venus in a feminine sign. Just a hunch.

Thank you for the kind thoughts.

Cam's an Aquarian (as am I) and he's not the least cold. Now you have two exceptions. :)

Best to your mama. Many people to keep in my prayers today...

Thoughts, prayers, and general good vibes coming from California to Carol, who shares her birthday with my late mother (though she was no typical Libra woman, to sbe sure).

I'm not much of a prayer but I'll keep Carol in my thoughts and send all the positive Virgo energy I can muster her way. She sounds like a tough, resilient lady and I hope this surgery goes well for her. Hugs to you and the angel boy too.

My husband is a Cancer.

What a lovely post. I will pray.

I'm sending a vegetable hug and tree's worth of fresh clean love to the woman who gave us the champion of small farms.

You are so right about Aquarius Men. I think they just shake their heads and wonder at us mere mortals. Start talking about the evolution of the mind and Star Trek and they will stay put for a lot longer.
Love and light to your Mom.

A bit late, as I'm just catching up with this post, I'm sending good energy to you and to your mom.

I tried to trackback, but it didn't work out...Just letting you know I linked to you and your mom's "path to perfection". Nice post!

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