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06 October 2006


How ya doin girl?

I wish to read this. I dislike F word chefs, and wonder if something in the job is catching.

Nah, it's pretty frivolous,
actually. (As I suspect Michael
would agree)

"Aimee" is yet another anonymous commenter, and whoever "she" is, I bet she didn't watch the convocation address. Whatevah. (As if her being too chickenshit to use her own name somehow reflects on me. Right.)

But wait...let's read that again. I noted that Michael Ruhlman makes the case that writing about food in this day and age isn't frivolous. And "Aimee" thinks he will agree with her that it is.

Brilliant. I hadn't seen her point, but now I do. Wow.

Nick, nice to see your name. Things are mostly good; I'll write you.

heard him interviewed on an NPR station and he was fascinating! and ever so clear about his life change. would that we all were.


I hope you have a chance to watch the address to the university. He's so well-spoken, and makes so many good points. It's good listening.

Thanks for visiting, Ammello.

i'm not sure exactly what coffee pot is saying.

and isn't aimee saying the work of the chef is frivolous? or writing about it.

At a time when agribusiness and government are trashing the environment and complicit in the horrific state of health this country's in, hardly frivolous.

Michael, "Aimee" is just trying to pull my chain. She isn't saying anything that makes any sense.

I usually won't publish chickenshit anonymous comments (because writing anonymously IS chickenshit), but I let this one in because it's extra stupid. Laughable, even.

Whoever said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" never had a handful of obsessed stalkers leave "anonymous" (not) comments on their blog for over a year. They deserve a blog of their own, really—and I might give them one.

Thanks for commenting, Mr. Ruhlman.

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