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20 September 2006


Wow. That's some very valuable research, Tana. Quite informative... not to mention upsetting.

How do these people sleep at night?!

The Center for Global Food Issues, or CGFI, and Avery are linked to more and worse than just the attack against Organics. He hates raw milk, advocates widespread and rampant use of Genetic Engineering. Also, the Hudson Institue, aka the Hoover Institute, has tight links to Stanford University. With all the high-powered, highly educated and wealthy backers behind these organizations it is incredible to me that their arguments against raw milk and organics are just a pile of manure.

They use no reputable facts and use fear-mongering and scare tactics in all their articles. The problem is while some of us can see right through their fecal spray, the majority of the public might actually believe their lies.

Unfortunately tragic outbreaks like this and purposefully deceptive mis-information will only bring a tighter noose of regulation on our small farms and local producers. If only people would realize we need less control of better systems and tighter control of big, out-of-control agri-monsters, and that if they bought locally from people they knew there would be less fear and better food for all.


Thanks for taking up the cause in the spinach E. coli outbreak. As you said, another opportunity for corporate spin doctors to spread it on about "food safety".
In my opinion, clean tools and a hand harvester who knows the difference between poop and produce can go a long way in the prevention of contamination. Do those big machines really know (or care) what they're picking up out in those fields?
Thanks also for the link to a very informative piece in The Ladybug Letter. It should be spread far and wide (with Andy's permission, of course).

Avery is a gem. If you can stomach it, sign up for the agbioview list, which I would have to describe as an anti-organic circle jerk for Avery and maybe 15 other similarly insane people.

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