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14 September 2006


Thanks Tana -- it did seem a little harsh to me too, but I suppose there's two sides to every story. We did get our first set of post-Kyle eggs today and they are the usual lovely mix of greenish-blue and rosy white. I look forward to having one for breakfast tomorrow. I can't believe I never knew eggs could come in so many shapes and colors.

Anyway, keep up the great blogging and farm porn -- and thanks for your support of our blog-baby.

I hope you're going to frame that picture of Logan and keep it forever. It would look great in sepia, too...

Yes, you tagged me for the "Five Things..." meme, but I've been so buried in work this week that I haven't posted once! It's on my list. Not that I could top Ruhlman.

The story about Eatwell is a sad commentary on human nature. Hopefully Nigel will be able to hang in there.

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