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13 July 2006


A lovely post, Tana.

Have you ever seen "Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers?" An acquaintance of mine recommended it as research for an article (oddly, not the garlic one). Check out the cast list.


Thanks Tana..
I just got up from being bedridden and hence absent from blogging and hope to take off to Puglia on Sunday!

I have a bad memory, but if there is no hurry, I will think while on vacation and follow through!

PS Just had some warm off the tree Apricots.. I am in heaven!

Thanks for tagging me, I will start thinking now! And this is a really nice post, thanks!

Such a paean to garlic I have never seen, though it is so well deserved. I adore this post -- your voice, the erudition, the sheer respect and awe for the ingredient. And I promise not to use too much anymore (though one measly clove did overpower a dip I made the other day ...)

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