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09 June 2006


All I can say is there's way too many people in the world who SUCK ASS.

So sorry Cynthia. That is just not right.

It's a tough call, whether or not to publicize honor system farms. There are many non-scumbags out there who might frequent them if they knew about them. At any rate, I feel your heat, and hope for flat tires to the thieves, too.

How very, very, very sad; what a blighted sense of entitlement some folks have, those who would abuse the generosity of spirit inherent in people like Cynthia and others who employ the honor system. It happens at the farmers' market as well. Vendors have told me how "grazers" will rip them off, taking advantage of the often-frenetic action at the stalls, bagging produce and then ambling off without paying a cent.

We're blessed here in Santa Cruz County, people. Blessings should be lovingly, respectfully handled, returned and passed on in kind. You DIRTBAG THIEVES ought to be duly ashamed of yourselves!!

Thank you, Cynthia, for the gift that has been the bounty of Love Apple Farm.


At the risk of redundancy (I posted on the 10th, but haven't yet seen my comment), I shall only say that this news is very, very sad. Cynthia's efforts are a gift, and ought not to be abused in any way; such blessings should be tendered lovingly, responded to in kind, and passed on.

Some folks will never learn . . .


That is a big bowl of wrong. We have honour system systems in plae here in the NL, but I don't know how well they work. The public transport light rail, here and the Midi is largely honour-system.

So sorry to hear about this Cynthia!

I don't get why you're calling Whole Foods "thieves" (because of their tomato prices) on June 9 after you wrote that nice post on John Mackey's blog on the Whole Foods website on May 30? I don't work for them and don't even shop there often - I belong to a CSA - but this seems hypcritical to me. Were you just trying to promote your own site?

What can we expect in a world where people talk on the phone at the movie theatre, let their children behave like animals at restaurants, road rage, the news reports about people lying to get Katrina aid money, and the like? Our society is overrun with these types of people -- people who laugh at the honor system. People who think nothing of stealing, lying, and cheating their fellow man.

I got my Halloween pumpkins last year at a driveway stand on the honor system and never thought twice about not paying for them.

You call Whole Foods thieves for charging $6/pound for their heirloom tomatoes, yet say that it costs your friend $5/pound to grow such tomatoes. Both growers and retailers need to make a profit to stay in business, so unless you know what Whole Foods is paying their grower, calling them thieves is rather reckless.

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