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05 June 2006


Thank you for "Small Farms." I very much enjoy your site. I would love to visit La Milpa; could that be posssible?

He might make more money, but I'm sure he knows that shifting to a monoculture (or at least moving in that direction) bears the increased risks should a culture fail - no different than diversity in an investment portfolio. Just tastier, eh?

Hi, just thought you would be interested in a New York Times article about Wal-Mart selling organics. Scott Hutcheson has the link on his blog. http://scotthutcheson.typepad.com/

Natalie, you should have received your invitation from Barry Logan to visit already. He was so pleased with what I wrote that he said, "Come back and visit, and I'll make you lunch."

: D

I buy locally grown produce from family farms within 250 miles of Los Angeles County. How can I get ahold of Barry. I would enjoy sampling his produce.

Sadly, la milpa organica has been closed by the labor commission.

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