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26 June 2006


I've never been comfortable with the term either, blogger. A few years ago I spent some time searching my noggin for another term and another piece of software. Any kind of information software that would allow me to make my merry way.
As you can see I succumbed.


You put so much heart into your work - it's just so great.

I like the new title and I hope to see extensive posts like this more often!

I just moved onto a 10-acre CSA and market farm for the rest of the season (ending in November). I've been writing a lot about my experiences farming and hopefully more about the food as I begin to cook more. I really enjoy your views on food and nice job on connecting the Hudson Institute with all of those other corporations.

Hi. I came across your site by accident and I have to compliment you on your photos. They are lovely and the composition is excellent. The ones of your little baby interacting with the farm animals are especially cute!

Great post today!

I, too, have seen these wacky articles claiming organic food isn't as safe to eat as pesticide-laced food.

Also, Joanne and I are going to finally get to our first Outstanding in the Fields dinner in Petaluma this week. Who-hoo!

Congratulations on the new look. Love it, love what you do, love YOU! Ra Ra Tana! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! : )

P.S. Hooray for food grown in animal manure! (Including every single thing in my organic garden.) I decided to say this instead of something nasty about a certain person and certain corporations above. : )

Oops, forgot I also wanted to say that I, too, do not care for the terms 'blog' and 'blogger' one bit.

I do love the comments from kind and intelligent people who pay attention to things that are real.

If that is a blanket statement, I hope it keeps all of you commenters warm, knowing you share good company with some very interesting and very lovely people.

And for what it's worth, that "real" element is the great connector. Real and true are good kindred words. They are related.

Thank you: Matt, Biggles, Jack, Susan, Michele, and the errant visitor, Amanda ("worthy of love") Lee.

I am absolutely floored by the depth and breadth of your accomplishments. Your passion for what you do is an inspiration.

See www.foodshed.blogspot.com. I have a long way to go here in Georgia!

This is THE best blog I have found on small farming! Kudos to you and a big warm hug! This is inspiration and information and the genuine love of the land and it's keepers! Sage wisdom. Thank YOU!

Really enjoyed 'stumbling' across your site, very distinctive writing style.
The "Farm Dinner" is a concept I hope to remember for our future endeavors and education for friends.

We are often addressing "quirky" questions from friends, such as -

"Your eggs are they..safe..I mean don't the grocery stores ....DO something to them first?"

Tana, I am so impressed with your work here...Have you ever considered writng a book on the small farm movement? With your writing and photography it would be a treasure! Would you ever explore farms in other parts of the country? California is so rich in these beautiful and inspiring people and their land. A model for us all!

I grew up on a farm, your photos captured the feeling of life on a farm beautifully. The simple nature, the working as a life style choice, I can almost smell the earth as you write. Thank you for your delightful recount of farm life and what it means to be a writer, of a blog, while in the country!

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