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27 May 2006


Wow, what amazing advice and I'm so glad you came to a place that gives you comfort and peace (and some cash for your beautiful work!)

I truly believe that they're lucky to have you contribute and not the other way around :)


p.s. the advice of

"sometimes it is more powerful to come alongside people who believe strongly and whisper our different belief into their ear (and inside their 'defenses') than to yell our beliefs from across a fence or to avoid those people all together"

is just about the most brilliant thing I have heard lately. Wow. I need a t-shirt with that on it!

Recent comments from "Dirty Joe" (a farmer friend) and David Lebowitz have been supportive, as has everyone, of me getting my photographs to a bigger audience. This is kind of amazing to me, because I was so sure I wouldn't go this route. But I am not as stubborn as most Tauruses are reputed to be, and I'm not stupid: it's fun to get paid!

Thanks for your support, everyone who nudged me this way. It's much appreciated.

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