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12 May 2006


Tell me more about this bio-mass burning stove please.

We noticed the Certified Human sign at Redwood Hill Goat Cheese 's booth at a local event yesterday. I think it's a great idea! This was a great post!

I didn't find a source for Fra'Mani on Certified Humane's website though -I had to go to Fra'Mani's website. I also noticed that the Certified Humane shopping/store list is likely very out of date as the Santa Rosa stores are "Food For Thought" which were bought and converted years ago by Whole Foods.
I'll be excited to read your post after you get to visit Fra'Mani!

Hey Tana!

I am so jealous! What an awesome experience. Did you have a chance to talk to Chris about his yummy Salumi. I almost did my externship at his restaurant, but chose Acquerello instead. Please let me know when you are in town again. I would love to meet up with you at the FM!!

I can't wait to learn more about Certified Humane. Thanks!!

When are you coming by?!?

i want to learn more about Certified Humane please tell me when you again in our town. so know many things about these things also about beer and wines.

Redwood Hill is awesome. The Bices love their goats and take wonderful care of them - if you didn't already happen to know it, they have several national champions, beautiful animals beautifully cared for. And of course the cheese is wonderful/

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