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02 April 2006


You can and ARE making a difference. By blogging on these stories that most people have no experience with, you're giving them ideas on what is possible.

Few of my friends understand my obsession, but by at least writing in my school newspaper, more people are aware that sustainable is possible- and necessary.

Keep writing, you have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

I had no idea that your post yesterday was a joke! You should definitely be proud that so many like myself believe that your blog could be so influential.

I've met Will too. He's not someone you soon forget but I'm sad to admit that that was several years ago and I haven't yet made it to Growing Power even though I live in Madison. Shame on me! Thanks for reminding me to look into it.

Hello, I am currently working on developing a next-generation aquaponics system that incorportates alternative energy power and hi-tech quality control monitoring via open-source software. I hope it constitutes an innovation in the field. Perhaps these visions will not only manifest in global solutions for the underprivileged but help end world hunger.

I would love your thoughts and help with this project which will be showcased at Ingenuity Festival. Many thanks for providing great information

Bless - Sudhir

I was just Googling around for Growing Power after seeing an article about them somewhere, and I wanted you to know that I wasn't surprised AT ALL when the single best article on the ENTIRE INTERNET outside of their own site was yourn. I'm just a little jealous that you went to the workshop, now I have to start looking for tickets to Milwaukee.

I'll talk to you soon,

I found your blog and am looking to re-connect with my old pal Cate Shelley (Geyer). Please let me know if she has a postal address or any other means to contact her. I have several of her art pcs and my students esp love her mosaic tile artwork that hangs in my art classroom. Would love to hear from her!
Nanci Lee
[email protected]

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