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15 April 2006


Tana, great post on pigs :)
I also love Michael Ruhlman's books, have to get the new ones!
regarding the -hungry- magazine, yes, it is indeed a high quality production---I love the crisp layout :)

I love you blog, I have photo food blog but it is based on the otherside of the country. Please check out the pics of my families farm... http://goldilocksfindsmanhattan.blogspot.com/

Hi Tana,

Found myself at the Cabrillo Farmers Market today. Was looking for you and other familiar faces, but there were none. I bought some beautiful asparagus, trumpet mushrooms, green garlic, brown eggs and apple-wood smoked bacon for a fritatta.

I'm in town with some of my classmates. We are volunteering at an Outstanding in the Field dinner tomorrow at Route 1 Farm near Waddell Creek. I had a ball today showing them around SC and filling them in on the scene down here. They loved your site. Thanks for keeping us all posted on what is going on in the small farm world!! We are praying that the farmers are able to recover from the recent storms and hope everyone is planning to buy fresh and local this spring!! Hope you are keeping well too!!

Best Wishes,


P.S. I can't wait to dive into Ruhlman's book. I had an introduction to Charcuterie at the CCA and have been hooked ever since!! Anyone looking for some amazing game and house-cured eats should check out what Chef Chris Cosentino is doing over at Incanto in San Francisco.

Bailie, if you are reading, if you want to experience some superior salume, head down to Palo Alto to Evvia Estiatorio, to taste chef Michael Dotson's work. We had some this week, and honestly, I've never had better. Cosentino was at the same event, and his were delicious, but Dotson: quiet authority and serious talent. Can't wait to go there.

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