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23 April 2006


What a stunning entry. I feel as though I was there. Lot of adrenaline, huh?

ROFL..sounds as hard as herding cats.

Cats with TAPE on their feet!

: D

This was hilarious reading. I can just see you tackling runaway swine.

Jonathan has 10 pigs this year - spotted whites, I think they are - no Tamworths on the market. We hope this means they'll be a manageable size at slaughter, rather than having 4" of fat.

wow, what hard work!

Thank you for the adventure story! One of my strongest memories is of my father and his friend trying to catch one (1) pig we had raised from piglet-dom in a little corral near our house. "Greased pig" is something one hears, but you have to try to catch one to understand. My mother and my brother and I were weeping with laughter -- much to my father's displeasure. It took them what seemed like hours to get that animal captured and into a truck to take it to the farm where it was "finished" for us. Hot sun, angry guys, wiley porker -- a comedy, for sure. I know Logan will remember this one (with its much larger cast) forever.

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