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09 March 2006


tana, i tried to email you via your geisha web (you're a geisha?! i shoulda known) site address but had no such luck, so here i am posting a comment onto your most recent blog entry.

Let me begin again, this time by saying what a pleasure it was to
meet you and share scraps. I just wanted to write to say hi and maybe, when you have time, get you to send me a
bunch of sites you think i should know about--like
iacp.org and such.

i'm using my meyer lemons's juice and zest for a thai pork marinade. It
called for limes but i had only my "local", "seasonal" lemons chez
tana, so I relished the chance to use them.

How were your food experiences in Chicago? I'm glad you loved it

Sending my best to you and yours,

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