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29 March 2006


Cranky and I will be provisioning soon. Today we started trying to formalize a philosophy of how we will approach the month. (One idea that bit the dust: Food from a one-mile radius. See, there was a dead rabbit outside, and... Never mind.)

Those blood oranges look suspisciously like pixie like mandarins ;)

I bought some this weekend too ... and they are quickly dwindling.

I eat & shop local every day. In fact, I eat probably 11 meals right at home each week! The farthest I travel, on a regular basis is probably about 6 miles. I did drive 40 some odd miles for meat a few weeks ago, that doesn't happen very much.


I am really looking forward to this! It's going to be a bit of a challenge for us here in Toronto as, even in May, there's not much local in the way of fruits and veggies. But I'll try my best!

hi tana, what i would do for some blood oranges right now! - they hardly ever make an appearance in our parts...

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