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28 February 2006


Some blogs are way too self-absorbed, and it is sad to think that the writer and/or any others care about the mundane thoughtless aspects of "its" existence. And, extrapolate that to what is wrong with the world today.

Hi Tana...nice post..I love your thoughtful, well-ruddered approach to the issues in our community...hope things continue to improve on the home front...

best, Stephen

I have noticed, too, that some of my favorite bloggers are posting less. I was wondering if it might be as a result of having other food-related projects that have come about because of their blogs?

I really liked this post. I to believe that community is a good thing, we may have different agendas but ultimately we are all linked by one love FOOD!

I'm new (ish) to blogging, and I'm already seeing an ebb to the tide. There seemed to be a private, insy group at first. Then they resented the arrival of the arrivistes, and circled the wagons. To them, new food bloggers were "AOL," naive, intruders. Established food bloggers wanted to distance themselves from the rest of us.
Well. It's the Internets. Wide open.
Whaddya gonna do?
Nice, Tana. Food for thought.

Wow, Tana, I loved this post.

I have been already enough time in the food blogosphere to understand and join you in this cause.

Hugs from Panama :)

I've seen a number of mainstream comments about bloggers..most negative.Bruni took the if you can't beat em join em theory. There's always room for independent thought what ever the technology.

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