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24 February 2006


love the map idea - great.
and thanks for the link to Harriet's Tomato too!

I'm with you and Mr. Lucky on the martini question: gin, and no excuses. And not (as I was once served it in a country-western bar) on the rocks.

That map thing is nifty!

And -- perfect timing too -- I just started working on a list of local producers and products for the San Juans. I was planning on just putting up a page of links, but a map to go with would be excellent! Great find!

Your map is fabulous. Bravo on (yet another) job from the heart well done. But I couldn't find the Missouri listings :P.

And I almost got lost just now over in Harriett's Tomato. How appropriate that I landed there on her Wallace & Gromit post. I adore them! You are right--a wonderful blog. Much to delve into. Thanks for the link. I'll have to check out Mr. Lucky and the others later! xx : )

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