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16 January 2006


we have had many discussions lately about the pig. a recent issue of the new york times claimed the pig to fashionable once again? upscale restaurants are making dishes with pork "haute cuisine" and even bracelets that looked like slices of bacon are wrapping around women's wrists. i am one of those people who has been suspect about eating pork for primarily health reasons, until i tasted a great tenderloin purchased at our local "whole foods" store. i investigated the niman ranch, where whole foods purchases meat, a ranch dedicated to organic and humane practices, and i feel much better about eating pork, but only from this ranch. (nimanranch.com)

That sounds like a fabulous meal

Oh man, citrus and pork are a match made in heaven. In fact, we had pork with citrus for dinner last night!
I'm going to earmark the recipe you linked to, it looks perfect.
Nothing like pork, that's fer sure.


We raise pigs, sheep, ducks and chickens all on open pasture here in the mountains of Northern Vermont. I'll readily admit I prefer eating meat from our own livestock who are raised humaely under my care without all the chemical additives, meds and the like used in the factory farms. And it feels good knowing what you ate and enjoyed came from here. My wife jokes, maybe half jokes, that we should change the name of our farm to the Happy Pig Farm" instead of Sugar Mountain Farm.

Thanks for coming to our pig out!
I am really interested in the farm info!

Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I believe any meat is more healthy for you when raise humanely. Keep up the good work.

Long live the PIG! They are so cute and yet soo gooood!

I love pork...as a pig...but I also love farms who treat them well until the final..you know...

Great cooking...and I am glad to see that you are a PIG.

Only real Pigs know a real good pork meal! This is one good one!

Here's to Pigs everywhere!!

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