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16 November 2005


Tana: Thanks for the wonderful article and words by Patricia. I'm sure many of your readers are interested in the future of pure vanilla and the ultimate price we all pay for trying to save a few cents at the expense of local farmers and growers, especially those in underdeveloped nations where vanilla us cultivated. Bravo!

Good reading. Thanks, Patricia, for the alert.
Thanks for making this post happen, Tana. As a matter of fact, I just returned Patricia's book to the library yesterday! And a couple of weeks ago I bought 1/4 lb. (Tahitian) vanilla beans on eBay.

As for vanilla quotes, would a quote from Vanilla Ice suffice? OK, then: "I just have my own opinion of what I like and so should everybody else."

Don't forget to use real vanilla in your French Toast and baking - and *anything* you cook for your kids that vanilla should in (like Chocolate Chip Cookies).
My son has an affinity for it (even if his favorite flavor is chocolate) and he *knows* what it tastes like. If your kids appreciate the real flavor when they are little they hopefully will grow up knowing the difference.

Thanks for the heads up, Tana and Patricia. Wonderful article. I feel so motivated to help now!

thanks Tana and Patricia.
I've been steeping vanilla in bourbon the last couple of months for this coming christmas season. I think I'll also be gifting vanilla beans with recipes!

Tana, this is a great post. Thanks for this information. I'll have some more thoughts on this later.

Terrific article about one of the many reasons I feel blessed to live in Santa Cruz county: like-minded people such as Tana and Patricia. Thanks to you both for the article.

Tana, I believe I "met" you over on egullet several years ago, and I'm pleased to see you blogging your heart out for small farms everywhere! They are a true gift.

Thank you ALL for such nice words.

Xanthippe, yes, I remember you from eGullet. We chatted a little on the farm dinner thread, right?

Oddly enough, I got two comments from eGullet folks today...I am a legacy participant, and proud of it. I'll soon be writing the story of their ill treatment of me, as I am no longer afraid of them. (I was, believe me.) Their current mistreatment of Michael Ruhlman just epitomizes the blustering bullying that causes pain to good people.

Thank you for stopping in to say hello, and thank you to EVERYONE for coming by to read Patricia's words. I'll be posting another great piece from her, which is a response to my question about which vanilla farmers she had visited.

Something to look forward to!


Hello Tana,
I am one of the owners of the River Cafe and Cheese Shop and you were in today with Logan. Great site and photos!

Hey, Tana! We did indeed chit-chat on the eGullet farm dinner thread, and in one or two other threads as well. At the risk of airing too much of my dirty laundry, I am an eG "reject," having gotten the cold shoulder quite some time ago. You speak of your own (and others') mistreatment; I can well believe any stories you might tell.

Now, off to do a bit of baking, using some killer vanilla as an ingredient!


Thank you, it was a very interesting article.

great article. where do we buy "authentic" pure vanilla? My wife does a lot of baking and thought when she bought orlando mexican vanilla without "coumerin" she was getting the pure product

I purchase vanilla tea from this place:


The ingredient for vanilla is 'natural flavours'. Would it be real vanilla or synthetic?

I don't mind paying a premium price if it is real vanilla I am getting.

Thank you.

Janice Martin

Wow, this is the best and most honest desire to make vanilla the way it should be and rightfully deserved to be.Moreover, you have motivated me to involve in a big way to plant vanilla in a big organic way in Malaysia and would appreciate all positive inputs from planting technology and assured marketing.Many thanks and may Vanilla live its pure life forever.

As a natural food business I would like authentic vanilla. Where can we get it? If there is so much around, why can't we find it at an affordable price? I need beans and extract. Please help.

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