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12 September 2005


blue babies? Can you tell me more about this, or point me to a good link? Googling now, but I'm sure you have more information.

Vanessa says, "You can just Google 'nitrogen contamination soledad ca' and lots on information will come up."

Hope that helps!

Huh... Blue Babies is the descriptive term for babies born with a congenital heart defect (hole) causing them to be bluish in color.

I had never before heard of nitrogen theories of blue-pigmentation.

learning something new everyday!

ps... not to make this a beauty contest or anything, but Geoff Palla has quite the jaw-line going on there. ;) I've always thought happy people were the beautiful ones.

Heh heh heh, looks like you took my advice and went to the farmers' photo album. Geoff does have a jaw you could ski off of, it's true. And I do think he's happy--but I really don't know any grumpy asshole farmers. I think they work hard and sleep well at night.

Thanks for leaving comments, especially for the fun ones.

Tana: I love reading your stuff.
Speaking of pretty farmers: Jason McKenney!!! Mm.

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