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05 September 2005


Loved your story on Claravale Dairy. The milk from Claravale is the best milk I've ever tasted. I can imagine how good the butter is! I live in Sacramento and people literally line up for Claravale milk on days it's scheduled to arrive.

Love your weblog, too. All kinds of great information and photos.

Thank you, Marie.

I visited the actual dairy yesterday, and look forward to writing about that. Ron told me that people get very creative in trying to find ways to get the milk sooner. Heh.

Hi Tana, what a wonderful post. You definitely make me think that I am missing out on something when it comes to that milk and butter. And the day at the farm sounds wonderful-I'll go anywhere where you can smell the bacon from a 100 yards away :) I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Hi Tana,

I love your blog. I try to work with local farmers and visit them from time to time in the Central New York area. I'm also trying to introduce folks in our area to the notion and resources for eating sustainably. Here is a link to a post I wrote about a visit to the Evans Farmhosue Creamery: http://jbbsyracuse.typepad.com/cookin_in_the_cuse/2005/07/local_food_sour.html. I'll be going back and will ping you when I write about future farm visits.

Gosh, and I thought I dressed in black to hide the dirt! :) It is good to read about someone getting into something (like Ron) because they love it. All to often it seems people are focusing on making mega-bucks. I love working with our animals, gardening and being outdoors for the morning. It makes pasturing them fun. I see other farmers struggling, doing it things the 'new traditional way' with their pigs in crates and pens and cringe inside. Neither the farmer nor the animal seem happy.

I have only recently started using Claravale Farms raw milk due to increasing knowledge of the benefits of raw milk, etc. I buy it at Wholefoods Market. Besides milk, however, I have found only limited amounts of raw milk cheese. I live near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), and I would like to know where I can obtain other raw milk products such as butter, buttermilk, etc.

Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

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