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30 August 2005


Tana, I loved reading this--so evocative, so rich, so real. I can just picture you and your cousins splashing around in the lake and tucking into a good, homemade summer meal. And what beautiful descriptions of your places of refuge--among blackberry brambles, or with tea and goodies in the back of the station wagon. Just beautiful. Thank you.

I would give Peppermint Ice Cream another try. It's terrific drizzles with hot fudge sauce...tastes like a big Girl Scout cookie!

How wonderful your memories are! I remember the "pick any restaraunt" dinners for special occasions too. Once when I was about 7 I picked one of those over-the-top "Hawaiian" places and ended up with flaming something to start and baked alaska to end--although how that was hawaiian have no clue. But it was oh, so adult.

And you've also reminded me I must go look at the state of my blackberries tomorrow.

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