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15 August 2005


Isn't Seabreeze Cafe in Santa Cruz today?

These all sound like very yummy restaurants, I wish more of them were in town! I can speak for Engfer Pizza Works & Gabriella Cafe both being extremely delicious. As for the rest I'm sure with all the local produce they can't go wrong. I've been wanting to try Soif for awhile, nice to know they buy local. Yum!

There are two: I had to find out from Joe which one he meant. (One is in San Francisco.)

We ate dinner at Gabriella tonight, as a matter of fact. Rebecca is the only executive chef in a Santa Cruz county restaurant, I believe. An alumni of Chez Panisse, she used to farm, too!

Tana - ha ha - I should pass the buck to you like Jen passed it to me :) - compiling this list has grown to big for me. I just don't have the time right now.
Maybe we should make it an ongoing project, rather than one than needs to be done within the August time frame.
I was even thinking of setting up a spearate blog just to hold all the info,

thaks - this is really interesting info.

Does anyone know of a small farm/estate with a nice barn that is rentable for weddings & receptions in the Santa cruz area?

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