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25 July 2005


Hi there Tana,
I love your site and enjoyed Nancy's article in the sentinel. If you see her again tell her caprice says Hi and send her my love.
I teach Life Lab science at Gateway school, and a 1/4 acre farm/garden including outdoor kitchen and wood oven is our classroom. there is tons I could tell you about the food we grow and prepare into feasts and the science we do in the garden or you could just come visit anytime and bring your grandson! call me at (479-grow). can we join your club?
Also, how small is a small farm? My husband terence works for phil foster ranches, pinnacle organic and I think they would like to know about your blog since we seem to know most the farmers you know. he farms 200 something acres I think. I will forward if OK.
thanks again for your fun site and interest in local farms,
caprice potter

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