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14 May 2005


Hey, I just discovered your blog on SauteWednesday. Wonderful stuff. Check out my sustainable-ag blog, Bitter Greens Journal (linked above), as well as the Web site of the farming project I'm involved with, Maverick Farms (www.maverickfarms.org.)

Hi, Tom: I have added you to my "Chefs and other foodies" list of blogs, and Maverick Farms to my list of small farms on the web,. Thank you for visiting!

interesting, i like it but what else can i say.

Notes on the roosters:

Splendid Rooster is the Auracana, or more probably Americana (Auracana cross). They are lovely chickens whose claim to fame is the blue, green or pink eggs they lay. We've had both really sweet and really nasty tempered ones.

Golden Rooster is a Buff Rock. One of my original hens was this breed and I have a soft spot in my heart for them.

Granddaddy Rooster is a Black Minorca, one of the few white egg laying breeds we currently have. He takes himself *very* seriously and we call him The Patriarch. I think he looks comical, too ;)

Mardi Gras Rooster: I think he's a Mille Fleur Bantam, but I'm not sure. He definitely decorates the barnyard.

Thanks for coming to visit. It was fun showing you around.

I was wondering how to tell what chickens are? We purchased chicks from a man who was said to be able to tell what they were. Anyway, the chickens are mixed and we are not sure if they are mixed with bantams or not, we wanted Black Australorpes, Delawares, and Buff Orphingtons which are large breeds.

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