> Farmers I Know

I've met so many farmers while photographing farms, farm dinners, and farmers markets. Here are a few: many I am proud to call my friends. My other work at

Jim Leap
Rebecca Thistlethwaite
Kirsten Roehler with Audrey, her pet goat
Kirsten Roehler with Audrey, her pet goat
Jered Lawson, Pie Ranch
Orin Martin, UCSC Farm & Garden, CASFS
Teresa Kurtak, Everett Family Farm
Farmer Al Courschesne, Frog Hollow Farm
Dee Harley, Farmer of the Year, Harley Farms Goat Dairy
Joe Schirmer, Dirty Girl Produce
Jim Dunlop, TLC Ranch
Mike Irving and Teresa Kurtak
Steven Pedersen, High Ground Organics
Jasmine Roohani, bride-to-be
Barry Koral
Bill Denevan, apple grower extraordinaire
The beautiful Rebecca Thistlethwaite
Jim Dunlop: "Las Lomas!"
Michael Irving and Bu' (short for "Buddha")
Jasmine Roohani
Amy Courtney
Brandon and Michelle Ross, Ella Bella Farm
Farmer Matt Vivrett
Mark Pasternak, Devil's Gulch Ranch
Francesa Rohr and baby Nico
David Retsky, County Line Harvest farm
Will Allen: Growing Power
Gary Ibsen
Cynthia & Brad Morgan
Amy Courtney, Freewheelin' Farm
Jeff and Lori Fiorovich
Beautiful (and smart!) Cynthia Geske
Vanessa Bogenholm with Diamonte strawberries
Rancher Jim Dunlop, hard at work
Jasmine Roohani
Kirsten Roehler, Everett Family Farm
David Retsky, County Line Harvest Farm
David Evans, of Marin Sun Farms
Cate Geyer and Ron Donkervoort, Windmill Farms
Betty Van Dyke and son, Peter
Geoff Palla: Meder Street Farms
Laddie Hall and the Australorps
Cynthia Geske
Bill and Romeo Coleman
Larry Jacobs
Chris Banthien and Ron Garthwaite: olives and cows
Jim Reichardt
Joe Rubin
Joe Schirmer
Amy Wend