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22 March 2008


Welcome back Tana, and thanks.

I'm so glad you're back.

Tana! Thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. But it turns out, you just have been facing a few challenges :)

Well welcome back! Did you get that facebook message about the Chinese newyear post?

Catch you soon :)

Well, well, welcome back. That first flower photo itself was worth the wait.

I've been reading your blog for sometime now. Welcome back!

Hurrah! Back with a vengeance, I'd say.

I love the idea that you're raising Logan to be a helper--could there be any better gift to the world?


We missed you. The Internet is a much less interesting place when you're not around. I'm glad to know that Spring is bringing good things to your neck of the woods.

I was so glad to see your recent post even though I am sorry to hear of your travails. I love where we are now but I do miss the Bay Area and your blog is like a vicarious visit for me and gives me ideas and context for our visits to friends in Santa Cruz. When you slowed and then stopped posting, I was getting quite worried about you and your family even though I don't know you. Best wishes and thanks for all the farm news and photos.

Welcome back. Looking forward to the fruits of your return to the blogosphere!

Thank you, Helen, Linda, Evan, Aki, Diane, GG, Bonnie, and Tabletoo.

Lauren: it's been a long time since I visited your blog...I see "Outstanding in the Field" in your links. Do you know that I worked with that organization, excuse me, that DISORGANIZATION, from 1999 through 2006? (I took one year off, went back one year, and then washed my hands of the whole business. I revoked my permission to use any of the photographs from the forty dinners I attended in his "cookbook" due out this year.)

I try to warn people off from attending the dinners now. I don't believe that they are supportive of farmers at all, but are ego-driven. The prices are obscene and undemocratic.

Wow, I'm cranky.

I'll blog soon about my Easter visit to TLC Ranch. 3000 chickens, all endorsing "Ba-raaaaaaaaack." Because the FARMERS are where it's at.

Thanks again, everyone. And now, I have to motivate myself to design a new website (for the guy who carved "Tana in the Sunshine").

Your political views are probably interesting to some, but I really don't want to see them in what I think is a food blog. Can you please separate your politics from your wonderful blog about foods etc?

Tana, darling - so good to read your words and be reassured that you are well and breathing in great big gulps of spring air. There are many things that are difficult to bear in this life, but carry on we must.

The flowers are gorgeous - and so is Logan - thank you for sharing.


Tana, it's so good to hear your voice out here on the interwaves...

I'm sorry things have been so tough and hope that they continue to improve. Your Logan is a beautiful, beautiful boy.

sending you hugs and letting you know that your calendar helped improve my winter immensely by reminding me that bounty is coming again...

It seems like it's your blog and with free speech and all, you can put whatever political views you want on it, especially because it's hard to divorce politics from true food issues.

Hi Tana...so good to read a long post from you after such a dry spell...sorry things have been tough but there's a bunch of hope in there too so I know you'll survive and thrive...on the issue of politics in your blog - what kind of nerve do you think it takes to presume to tell someone what to put in or leave out of their blog? It never ceases to amaze me, the stuff you see on the Internets...

GREAT shots of flowers, BTW, and great news about your recent design accomplishments...

All best, xoxo love S

Since you're too modest to toot your own horn, I'll do it for you. All of you Tana fans, go check out what Simon Majumdar says about his visit to Santa Cruz and to Tana's kitchen. His words couldn't be sweeter or funnier: http://eatmyglobe.blogspot.com

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