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04 December 2007


Did you see that Wired's editor recently published his blacklist of email addresses from PR flacks who send him meaningless borderline spam? It caused a big uproar -- a number of people pointed out that Wired isn't innocent of mass mailings -- but it's an interesting stance to take from such an in-the-spotlight writer.

See: https://www.longtail.com/the_long_tail/2007/10/sorry-pr-people.html?cid=88149552

Hi Tana,

Good for you for exposing her/them. It makes me think of other companies (specifically baby formula) who are behind websites that are seemingly in favor of the alternative (if that makes any sense). There's an award for such things: https://www.prwatch.org/node/6712. Maybe Florida's Natural should be nominated? Thanks for a great blog. I enjoy reading it.

Great rant! You sound like you are still mad as hell about 2000 - me too.

Do you think Woody Allen was talking about Bush?

PS What's wrong with a hotmail account?!?

you are awesome! great job!! and i love the jeb bush reference too.

Seriously, did you think they were actually trying to be sneaky? Bravo to you for figuring out an advertisement is an advertisement! Besides, what's wrong with promoting the consumption of food grown in the U.S.? You said yourself you wouldn't eat food from foreign countries. If your big concern is preserving the earth from being "raped for profit" then promoting Florida orange juice, organic or not, is a great way to do it. As soon as those orange growers can't make a profit b/c everyone's buying foreign grown products, they're forced to sell their land and it is converted into rooftops. Personally, I'd take pesticides any day over condominiums.

And not quite sure what any of that has to do with the 2000 election. I'm fairly confident the farmers in Florida are not responsible.

Dear Gretta:

I do feel that presenting a marketing campaign that uses every opportunity to tout a commercially (and environmentally unhealthy) sponsored product is dishonest. Yes, I think it's trying to be sneaky, at least trying to sneak up on all the simple-minded people that watch television commercials and think they reflect reality.

I know when I'm being manipulated, and I try to wake others up to that possibility as well.

But I agree with your point about the condominiums, and it's a good one.

I do eat food from foreign countries, but not from China, for starters. Most of my food is locally sourced, but I still indulge in tea, spices, and certain Italian goodies that are irresistible to me. I am transparently hypocritical, that I admit. Heh.

Thanks for the comments: I do appreciate your spirit.

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