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16 October 2007


I'm glad you're finally going to write this. Your (previous) endorsement was the key reason I felt OK about spending such an exorbitant sum. Given our utter disappointment with the OitF event we attended earlier this year, I'm glad that you're finally going on the record with a retraction.

You come to mind often. While working in the greenhouse last week I glanced at a bed of beets and saw a "great Tana picture waiting to be taken." You're in our thoughts even when you're not active here. Take care.

hmmmm. it will be an interesting article. Denevan has burned many bridges, including ones with our restaurant/farm. and our friends too. sounds like you're aiming to burn some bridges of your own! I await the article.


Normally I don't publish anonymous comments, but I am publishing the two above, even though I know the identity of the first, and can guess the identity of the second, based on the IP address. And because I think I know the farm involved, I'm admitting it. (Especially because the farmers are the ones most often burned, and hardest hit financially.)

A farmer friend called me a few weeks ago to tell me OitF had approached them to do a farm dinner there. I said NO WAY, NO HOW, UNDER NO CIRCUSTANCES get involved with Jim Denevan.

These "burned bridges" could always be repaired if the person on the other side were to take responsibility and make amends to the people who've been burned and used. For me, life's too short to spend it feeling abjectly sorry I did business with someone—gave my heart and soul for years supporting—when the overwhelming feedback is "How can you work for him?"

I didn't do it for the glory: I did it for the farmers, because I believed in the vision. I still believe in the vision, but not the ways and means it's bringing glory to the WRONG PERSON.

More anon, Anon.

: D

Sorry it took me so long to slog through all my RSS feeds and find these gorgeous, soul-lightening photos you had waiting for me, but I made it. You've taken away all the rotten taste of the Farm Bill.

Baby photos are a bonus. Hurray for Vitamin B! Thank you.

And now I'm all intrigued about the OIF opus.

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